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Precise temperature measurement - for a wide range of applications.

Detection of temperature is extremely important for many industrial processes and the widest variety of applications. With direct measurement of the temperature, quality criteria are complied with for a host of products and plants. Temperature measuring devices are used in industrial process technology, building technology and in environmental technology. The temperature measurement technology of the GHM GROUP is characterized by a wide product assortment, maximum quality and precision and flexible adaptability to customer requirements.

Countless variation and combination possibilities

The temperature measurement technology of the Center of Competence Greisinger basically uses two physical principles for industrial sensors whose characteristics provide optimal support for various areas of application. Thermocouples that conform to EN 60584 are normally used for measurement in temperatures exceeding 800 °C.

The Pt resistance sensors (Pt100 or Pt1000) are a good choice when the temperature measurement takes place in the range of – 200 °C to 850 °C. They are the most precise sensors and have the best long-term stability. They chemical resistance of the platinum also reduces the risk of contamination due to oxidation and other chemical influences.

Suitable for any connection

The sensors themselves can are available integrated measuring transducers or with standard cables and external measuring transducers. Additional accessories, such as compensating lines, plugs, fasteners and installation fittings are also part of the portfolio.

Temperature transmitter/switch

The temperature transmitters/switches are distinguished by their modular design. Maximum adaptability is guaranteed as a result. The devices are available in various designs.

ATEX-compliant and calibrated

Industrial sensors face very specific challenges in Ex areas. Greisinger offers a wide assortment of sensors in accordance with the EU ATEX Directive. The new accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 in 2018 authorises the Center of Competence Greisinger to issue ISO factory calibration certificates and DAkkS calibration certificates.

Mobile temperature measurement technology in a handy format

The use of handheld measuring devices in temperature measurement technology guarantees that processes flow in compliance with specifications and that entire plants operate reliably. With continuous comparison measurements with handheld measuring devices, product quality and production safety are guaranteed.

The assortment comprises precision thermometers offering maximum precision and industrial thermometers which are designed for instant, accurate measurements. The product offering is rounded out with handles and immersion probes developed especially for handheld measuring devices. The probes are extremely robust and refined, support a variety of connections and are distinguished by an outstanding price-performance ratio.


The advantages of the Greisinger portfolio:

  • Maximum plant availability and safety with reliable sensor technology and traceable, certified calibrations
  • Cost-effectiveness and optimisation with fast, robust and high-precision sensors and display devices
  • Low operating costs thanks to seamless integration, ease of use and long service life
  • Industrial handheld measuring devices for instant, precise and flexible measurements
  • Swift implementation of special requirements


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