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Mobile CO2 measuring device in handy format

With the new G 1910-02 and G 1910-20 CO2 handheld measuring devices, the GHM Group offers one thing in particular: more comfort at a lower cost. Users benefit from a compact CO2 monitor with integrated sensor and an optical and acoustic alarm function that has an impressively long rechargeable battery life, easy charging and a very wide measuring range.

Strong in design, durable and practical in use

From breweries, wine presses and dispensaries to heating, ventilation and air conditioning to energy management in buildings and use in research and education: the compact CO2 handheld measuring devices fit perfectly in the hand and can be taken anywhere.


The GHM GROUP equipped the measuring devices with numerous benefits making them very practical in daily use: The long-lasting rechargeable battery with very low power consumption enables measurements over a period of up to 24 hours, can be easily replaced with standard size AA NiMH batteries and recharged via the Micro USB connection using a standard MicroUSB charging cable without the need for a special mains adapter. The easy-to-read display with backlighting and the metal belt clip and shoulder strap are additional useful features that significantly increase the mobile comfort.

'With the support of users, we developed the G1910 handheld measuring devices into practical measuring tools with an unusually high measuring range for the ubiquitous CO2'
Jürgen Brass, Product Manager GHM Group


Wider measuring range for less money

Another advantage that is only available in comparable devices for more money: the wide measuring range that reaches up to 2,000 ppm in the G 1910-02 version and as much as 19,999 ppm (= 2%) with the G 1910-20. The measurement itself takes place with an optical NDIR measuring process at the air openings on the upper side of the device.  The display of the time-weighted average (over 8 hours (TWA) or 15 minutes (STEL)) and the current measurement can be read simultaneously and comfortably.


CO2 calibration with test gas: high certainty with the ability to calibrate

For increased certainty, the carbon dioxide sensor can be calibrated in clean environmental air or with test gases. In the process, 1-point calibration at any arbitrary point and 2-point calibration at 0 ppm and any arbitrary point are both possible. The user benefits from increased precision and the confidence that the CO2 monitor also works reliably.

Therefore, the GHM GROUP offers extremely practical and compact handheld measuring devices in the new G 1910 CO2 monitors, which impress with an excellent price/performance ratio, appealing design and high durability.

The high-quality family of devices is produced in Germany. Nevertheless, should the need for service arise, it is also provided locally, quickly and personally from the GHM GROUP.

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