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Clean2Antarctica – Adventure for change!

Clean2Antarctica has been a unique mission through extreme circumstances: a 2300 kilometers journey with the ‘zero waste and zero emission’ Solar Voyager. A journey through an icy desert in a temperature of -30°C. Edwin ter Velde, his wife Liesbeth and their machine have been tested on the driest, coldest, and highest continent on the planet.

Two people are heading for the South Pole in a vehicle made of plastic waste and are only driven by the sun. With the Clean2Antarctica project, Liesbeth and Edwin ter Velde want to draw attention to the increasing plastic waste. Their goal: let’s turn our plastic problem into an adventure on the cleanest continent on earth. Inspiring people to rediscover our world and start their own adventure.
A unique mission: traveling to the geographical South Pole through extreme circumstances. A 2300 kilometer journey with the Solar Voyager: zero waste and zero emission.

The focus is on the development of the "Solar Voyage" vehicle, which no one has ever built before. A sum of specialist knowledge, the result of experiments and tests have turned what looked like a plastic puzzle into a high-tech vehicle.
Our Center of Competence Delta OHM is one of the partners at this unique event and supplied important sensors for the Solar Voyage.Our specialists from Italy provided a 2D ultrasound weather station complete with wireless communication to enable the measurement of important meteorological conditions. The choice went for our compact HD52.3DP147 anemometer. This is a 2-axes ultrasonic anemometer that combines all the desired measurements in a single, easy-to-install, energy-saving and lightweight device. The weather station measures humidity, temperature, solar, air pressure, wind speed and direction, which was important for the South Pole adventure.

End of November the journey has started with the aim of reaching South Pole. Due to some difficult tests imposed by Mother Nature the final destination has not been reached but Edwin and Liesbeth could reach a highest goal. To raise consciousness and inspire people and organizations to further develop and implement sustainable alternatives for our present way of living. Each one of us can start his own small adventure to create a better world turning waste into completely new and sustainable projects and products.


About Delta OHM

Since 1978 we dedicate ourselves with a top-quality product portfolio and with the appropriate scientific expertise to drive the development of sustainable meteorological components onward every day. Delta OHM develops and manufactures a complete range of meteorological devices for measuring wind speed, wind direction, precipitations, atmospheric pressure, humidity, radiation, light and temperature.

In addition to that, our portfolio also includes a complete range of Wireless Data Logger Systems, as well as professional measuring and control equipment / transmitters, sensors, loggers and portable instruments for Acoustics and Vibration, Microclimate, Air Quality-CO-CO2, Water Analysis, Relative Humidity, Air Speed, Photo-Radiometry, Temperature and Pressure measurements.

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