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Blog e novidades

GHM GROUP exhibits at SPS 2019 in Nuremberg

At this year's SPS – Smart Product Solutions – everything at the GHM GROUP revolves around individual and customisable measuring, sensor and...

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GIA 0420 plug-in display now with M12 connection

Sensors are often installed in difficult-read positions. The GIA 0420-M12 plug-in display from the GHM GROUP can be turned in all viewing directions...

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Mobile CO2 measuring device in handy format

With the new G 1910-02 and G 1910-20 CO2 handheld measuring devices, the GHM Group offers one thing in particular: more comfort at a lower cost. Users...

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Get a handle on water analysis.

Greisinger produces high-quality handheld measuring devices based on the extensive know-how of experienced specialists. In the process, current market...

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Analysis technology for industrial water monitoring

With CONDIX, the GHM GROUP presents a new, low-maintenance, quick-and-easy-to-install combination of measuring transducer and sensor, which saves...

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Precise temperature measurement - for a wide range of applications.

Detection of temperature is extremely important for many industrial processes and the widest variety of applications. With direct measurement of the...

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Clean2Antarctica – Adventure for change!

Clean2Antarctica has been a unique mission through extreme circumstances: a 2300 kilometers journey with the ‘zero waste and zero emission’ Solar...

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Energia renovável e a Revolução energética: tecnologia inteligente dando suporte às mudanças

É de conhecimento geral que os combustíveis fósseis, como o carvão e óleo, causam grandes danos no meio ambiente. A Alemanha assim como outros países...

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Piranômetro: um equipamento essencial para medição de energia solar

Atualmente, a radiação solar tem um enorme impacto em nossas vidas. Meteorologia, pesquisa climática, hidrologia, análise ambiental, agricultura,...

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Flow meters – just three selection steps for the appropriate device.

The Fludix flow meters of the Center of Competence Honsberg.

Cooling and lubricant circuits are the life-sustaining veins in industrial processes....

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