Measurement technology right where you need it.

Every measurement is an intrusion into an actual event. But not every event can be transferred to the location of a measurement. To ensure that you can analyze all events right where they take place, our experts develop customized portable instruments solutions. The latest generation of our portable instruments unites the advantages of mobility with reliability and precision of a stationary process measuring device. Starting with simple handheld portable instrument up to multifunctional systems with data logger and interface for computer-aided data acquisition and logging, we offer everything you need to measure and quantify relevant parameters.

Features such as long service life thanks to low power consumption or easy handling are among the benefits of our instruments, as are their particular robustness or high connectivity.

This is one of the reasons why the range of applications for our solutions is so broad: In the areas of process, analysis and environmental measurement technology, our instruments are just as much at home in their traditional measurement settings like workshops and buildings to asses for example the ambient climate or to measure the effects of mechanical vibrations on people in the area of occupational safety.

Therefore, we place the highest value on compliance with applicable standards in all areas. In addition, our environmental measuring instruments can also be used to increase or check the efficiency of solar and wind power plants. Last but not least, the use in agriculture shows how broad the scope of our hand-held measuring devices has become.

"With compact solutions in a robust design, we transport innovative measurement technology to the place of action, for this we condense the entire technology to a minimum in order to take mobile measurements with maximum precision at any location with absolute reliability."

Roland Bäuml
Vice President Handheld Measuring Instruments