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Press releases

The new G 1200 Thermocouple Quick Response Thermometer – precise, fast, universal.

The new G 1200 professional thermocouple quick response thermometer by GHM GROUP Greisinger offers excellent performance at a low price: together with...


The O2 portable instrument from Greisinger - reliable, durable, comfortable.

For your own safety - Dive gas analysis - a must for all NITROX dives.


CONDIX conductive conductivity measuring transducer from the GHM GROUP

With CONDIX, the GHM GROUP presents a new, low-maintenance, quick-and-easy-to-install combination of measuring transducer and sensor, which saves...


Versatile temperature limiter with SIL 2 certified safety

For devices in safety-relevant automation chains, functional safety is an important quality feature. This is why the GHM GROUP has given the TB225...


Profi-Performance zum besten Preis: Druckhandmessgeräte G 1107 und G 1113

Die neuen Profi-Druckhandmessgeräte G 1107 und G 1113 von GHM GROUP Greisinger bieten große Leistung zum kleinen Preis: Schneller, präziser,...


Corona Update

Dear business partner,

In order to react appropriately to the current dynamic situation regarding the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19, the GHM...


Flow switch FF - For increased system safety.

With the FF type series we present a reliable solution for flow monitoring that offers the largest switching value selection and the widest housing...


OMNIPLUS-F – the all-rounder with a bonus. Flow sensor, volume meter and thermometer in a single device.

Users now only need one device for applications that previously required three devices. The new OMNIPLUS-F thermal flow sensor enables measurement of...