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The XF flow measuring devices of the Center of Competence Honsberg.

The information source in the water circuit.

Measurement of volume flow in technical systems is a standard discipline of industrial measuring and control technology. Depending on the focus of the system, however, a maximum degree of flexibility, safety and customizability are required in addition to the general standards. The Center of Competence Honsberg of GHM GROUP has developed a compact series of devices that meets these requirements.

Suitable measuring devices provide the necessary information to ensure that liquid and cooling circuits remain in motion. They always consist of a pipe section through which the measured medium passes and a transmitter arranged outside of the flow space which transforms and transmits the resulting measurement. In the process, numerous methods can be used to determine the volume flow. Turbines are often used in cost-sensitive applications. Their rotational speed, which is proportional to the flow, is measured to determine the speed. The disadvantage of this method is the sensitivity to contamination and excessive speed, which can cause irreparable damage. The Center of Competence Honsberg takes an entirely different approach with the compact XF flow measuring system.

XF flow transmitter: the supervisory authority in the cooling and water circuit.
A dynamic baffle in the flow channel on which an encapsulated magnet is installed changes its angle depending on the flow speed. The externally arranged transmitter recognizes the change in position based on the change of the magnetic field strength and calculates the opening angle and flow speed.
The advantages of this method are clear: omission of the turbine as a rotating component eliminates a major element of susceptibility to failure due to sudden overload, which can occur, for example, during start-up or when cleaning the system. By contrast, the dynamic baffle also harmlessly swallows up flow rates which are well beyond the intended operating limits, making it an extremely reliable source of information when measuring volume flow.

Compact design with high degree of customizability.
But is it enough to satisfy even the most demanding system builders? Ultimately, it must be possible to integrate the technology conveniently into a planned or already operating system. The Center of Competence Honsberg has also taken this into account, because, with an installation length of only 22 mm, the very compact centerpiece of the XF flow transmitter speaks for themselves. At the same time, the devices have a modular design and can be configured freely to a large extent. This applies to the connections on the inlet and outlet side, as well as the material: you can choose between plastic, stainless steel and nickel plated brass.

This makes it possible to prepare the XF flow transmitter for aggressive media. The
standard plastic version is designed for pressures of up to 16 bar, whereas an
optional metal version (stainless steel or nickel plated brass) can withstand pressures
of up to 100 bar.
A high-temperature variant, in which the electronics are installed separately from the
flow space, expands the thermal operating range to temperatures of up to 150 °C. In
the process, the flow transmitters cover a wide operating range from 0.4 to 100 l/min.

Signalling also takes place with a wide variety of different outputs.
The signal itself can be prepared in different forms: as a switching signal, as a voltage
or current signal, as a frequency signal or as a quantity signal. There are also variants
available with a display. Boundary parameters can be configured freely in the switch

As a result, the XF flow measuring devices transmits a strong signal for more
flexibility and compatibility in the planning or retrofitting of new or existing systems.
With use of the flow transmitters, countless new ideas and possibilities can be