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Refreshingly good.

The device series for water analysis of Greisinger.

When you need to determine the quality of water directly on site, the Center of Competence Greisinger of GHM GROUP offers an interesting range of electrochemical handheld measuring devices for professional use. The high quality and low prices are major factors behind the success of the range of devices.

Water is the element of life. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that no other element is studied nearly as much. After all, only an exact analysis provides assurance as to which standards this water meets. While more complex wet chemical processes in the laboratory previously shed light on the condition of the water, measuring methods with electrochemical sensors are now used to analyse water directly on site.

Efficient handheld measuring devices – smooth operators.
Highly sensitive sensors are now capable of measuring all common parameters quickly, precisely and reproducibly. With the G 1000, GMH 3000, GMH 5000 and G 7500 series of handheld devices, the Center of Competence Greisinger offers an interesting product range for professional water analysis. The devices are used primarily in industrial production processes for the handling of process fluids, in water preparation, in the food industry and for industrial humidification processes, such as in painting lines.

An additional area of application is environmental measurements. Measurement in critical waterways of varies depths is particularly important. Moreover, use in hospitals, general laboratory operation and sewage treatment plants is also relevant.
The range of devices is of particular interest to customers in the municipal sector, because they are still in a price segment which permits acquisition without complex tendering processes.

Designed as a pH-meter, as an instrument for determining oxygen content or conductivity, the G 1000 series deliver measuring results that meet the highest professional standards. Low-maintenance sensors, simple operation in combination with an attractive price also open the G 1000 series up to the consumer market.

Sensitive technology in a robust package.
Those looking for something a bit sturdier for their applications are well-served with the GMH 3000 series. With a robust housing and professional functional scope, the devices are designed for measurements under the most extreme conditions and are very flexible in use.

'Our wide assortment of devices gives everyone the opportunity to evaluate the
valuable resource of water and to handle it sustainably.'
Jürgen Brass, Product Manager in the Center of Competence Greisinger of GHM GROUP

The GMH 5000 series combines the properties of the aforementioned series in a float
design for reliable field measuring devices which are impervious to weather
influences, dust, dirt and darkness.

While these model ranges are still designed as single-parameter measuring devices,
the G 7500 is a multichannel measuring instrument. If, for example, simultaneous
detection of the pH value and the oxygen content is required in waste water
monitoring, the multitasking combination unit detects both measured values
simultaneously. The expanded memory volume of the data logger also allows
recording of large amounts of data and is as easy to operate as a USB stick.

Sensitive: a large selection of sensors.
What all of the devices have in common: Uniform sensor connections are installed.
This guarantees freedom in selecting sensors and keeps system costs under control.
There are fully integrated device sets with a variety of universal sensors available. In
the process, the same high-quality technology with power-saving precision
measuring inputs is always installed in the different variants. The models for pH/
Redox measurement, for determining conductivity and for analysis of oxygen
concentration are also available in various functional versions. Data loggers and
interfaces for measurement detection on the PC or the evaluation of data loggers of
the GMH 3000 and GMH 5000 series with the GSOFT3050 are available. An additional
detail: The interface adapters for USB are galvanically isolated. This minimizes, for
example, widespread practical problems in measurement in earthed tanks.
In addition to the handheld measuring devices, proven accessories, such as
calibration and cleaning solutions, spare electrodes, etc., are offered for mobile
measurement detection. In the process, affordable operating devices with
outstanding usability are available to choose from.

At Greisinger, good service is a question of attitude.
The devices can be sent in for retroactive calibration and calibrated and adjusted to
various standards. The spectrum extends from the high-quality factory calibration to
calibration by an in-house laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17255 – a
service for traceability that serves as a basis for usability in ISO-certified production

Water analysis cut and dried.
With the handheld measuring devices, the Center of Competence Greisinger offers a
broadly diversified series for water analysis with which everyone from the beginner to
the professional user will find their ideal measuring instrument. The robust handheld
devices can be configured for every application from a large offering of special device
features, equipment variants and measuring sensors. Not lastly, with the standard
connections which enable the devices access to a large selection of measuring
sensors, the handheld measuring devices of Greisinger become solid and reliable
companions in professional water analysis.