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Martens, the Center of Competence for industrial electronics.

Components for switch cabinet installation: quality and efficiency in components for connection.

Mounting rail modules are the interfaces between sensors and actuators in the control cabinet. You provide standardized connections in compliance with international standards. The Center of Competence Martens of GHM GROUP provides the entire bandwidth of basic functions for signal processing with the new rail series. The product series also provides a good price to performance ratio.

When it comes to the basic functions of signal processing, the Center of Competence Martens sorts things out in the switch cabinet. The compact devices of the GHM-Rail series combine minimal spatial requirement of the individual components with the best mechanical quality. The mounting rail devices are distinguished by a small contact spacing of only 12.5 mm wide with a sturdy and space-saving design.

Bring affordable electronics to the rail.
With this product range, which is designed to handle as many tasks as possible with a small number of components, customer storage costs are drastically reduced in combination with excellent available and quick order processing. The modern electronic design reduces the energy requirement of the devices, increases the long-term stability of measurements and simultaneously extends device service life.

GHM-Rail devices: a series with diversity.
In order to cover the basic functions of signal processing, the GHM-Rail series is concentrated on covering a maximum of required functions with fewer devices than normally needed:

Temperature limiters and monitors are designed to monitor temperatures and thus protect personnel, the system and the process material.

Transducers detect electrical signals and transform them into standard signals of automation technology. The signal range comprises input-side and resistance sensors, as well as thermocouples, resistance transmitters or standard signals.

The limit switches monitor, regulate and control simple processes. Temperatures and derived variables such as voltage, current and resistance can be used as control signals.

The signal isolator and isolating converters are used for implementation, stabilization and isolation of signals. Isolators can be used for switching signals and for analogue signals, as well as with and without transmitter supply.

Save more time and space during installation.
Additional special attention in the development of the device series was given to rapid commissioning. The brief descriptions provided on the side of the device for configuration also save time spent searching for adjustment options – in line with the motto "adjustment made easy". Easily accessible adjusting elements such as potentiometers on the front of the device and unique status indicators with multi-color LEDs or displays make installation and commissioning of the modules significantly easier. A reduction of downtimes is achieved with immediate notification about a defective device via the display elements. The user is informed quickly and easily about the cause of the error by a blinking code. Even hot swaps during operation are possible without relevant downtimes.

An entire series of compact solutions.
With quick and easy installation and signal processing insulated from operating conditions, the GHM-Rail series enables high accuracy and reproducibility in an optimal price-performance ratio. Therefore, they provide the foundation for safe signal processing of all processes in accordance with international standards. No lastly, compliance with standards in accordance with EN 14597 and fulfilment of EN 61508 (SIL 2) make the products of the Rail series the most sought-after components in switch cabinet installation.

Whether it involves transducers, signal isolators, isolating converters, limit value transmitters, temperature limiters or safety temperature limiters – with the Rail series, the Center of Competence Martens offers a well-sorted product series of installation devices of the high precision class with which the door in the switch cabinet can open the door to better efficiency and structure.