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Press releases

Flow switch FF - For increased system safety.

With the FF type series we present a reliable solution for flow monitoring that offers the largest switching value selection and the widest housing spectrum with a valve seat design. Users benefit from a low-maintenance, long-lasting and cost-efficient flow monitor that improves systems safety.

The FF series of flow switches comes in various housing sizes for high-pressure cleaning technology, industrial washing machines and car washes, as well as refrigeration technology and hydraulic applications.

The range consists of housing sizes for nominal pipe widths from DN 8 to DN 50 and freely selectable switching values from 0.4 l/m. Users benefit from swift reaction times of less than 100 ms and thus a rapid actuation time for your application. The high switching value repeat accuracy with a minimal pressure loss of less than 0.1 bar is an additional highlight.

Piston valve seat design for low investment costs
The simple mechanical operating principle of the piston valve seat design means that it is practically maintenance-free in all applications. The volume flow raises a piston (fitted with a magnet) out from a valve seat against a spring force. The stroke causes a magnetic field change that actuates a hermetically isolated Reed switch and generates an electrical signal. The vertical positioning of the Reed switch adjusted at the factory enables recognition of flow rates from approx. 2 % to 60 % of the recommended maximum volume.

With the spring-supported stabilisation of the piston and the short installation length of the housing use is possible in all installation positions. Therefore, the flow switch FF is the ideal space-saving solution for high unit counts and high efficiency.

"If you are looking for a flow switch with a precise and tamper-proof switching value, you will benefit from the FF type series with high system safety at an affordable price."

Wolfgang Huckenbeck, Product Manager at the Honsberg Center of Competence of the GHM GROUP


Malfunction-free and long-lasting

With use in process water in industrial systems, frequent contamination situations arise due to sediments and other content in the water. Therefore, filtration is a recommended design feature. The FF flow monitor enables horizontal flow through the housing, wherein the vertical functional design is highly resistant to water contaminants. The overall system becomes more resistant to malfunctions because the filtration effectiveness increases.


Fixed switching value: individual and tamper-proof

The switching value adjusted at the factory offers customers the advantage that your flow monitor operates safely and as desired. Individual and tamper-proof, because there is no switching value drift in the application. An indispensable advantage that fulfils the key specifications for system operation in cleaning technology with hot water systems.

As a result, users benefit from a flow switch with a precise switching value and quick activation time in a compact design that improves system safety with outstanding efficiency. In addition, it comes with the high-quality service that the GHM GROUP offers locally, swiftly and personally.

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