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pH-head transmitter - pH40

pH-head transmitter

  • up 100m transmitting range
  • Optional: 4..20mA (-1..15 pH)
  • for pH-electrodes with S7 connector
pH/ORP-electrodes -


  • Electrolyte: liquid, gel or Referid®
  • Diaphragm: ceramik, cut, KPG or PTFE
  • variants with Pt1000
  • Applications: Water treatment, ultra pure water, food and baverage
Accessories for pH Measurement -

Accessories for pH Measurement

  • Connection cable S7, VP
  • technical buffer, Cleaning solution
  • Storage solution, Calibration container, Cleaning container
Flow-Tank - DFG50


  • up to 3 pH or ORP electrodes
  • Material: 1.4571 stainless steel
  • Process preassure: max. 16 bar
  • Process temperature: max. 140 °C
KCl-Reservoir - NFG70


  • for autmated level monitoring
  • Hose connection 4/6mm
  • Suitable for wall mounting