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Multi-Function Unit GHM-ONE - MSR9696H

Multi-Function Unit GHM-ONE

  • Simple programming
  • Up to 8 analogue, 12 digital inputs
  • Up to 4 anal., 16 digital outputs
  • Regulator, data logger and more
Temperature regulator - R1300

Temperature regulator

  • 2/3-point, control and continuous
  • 0/4..20mA; 0..10V; PT100; TC
  • Setpoint, start-up circuitry, ramp
PID Controller - R1140/R1180

PID Controller

  • 2-/3-point and linear
  • 0/4..20mA; 0..10V; PT100; TC
  • 2. setpoint, startup value or ramping
  • Installation horizontal or vertical
PID Controller - TTM

PID Controller

  • 2-/3-point and linear
  • Pt100; thermocouple, current, voltage
  • up to 3 outputs
  • Several types on stock