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Device configurator - ECI-3

Device configurator

  • Parameterisation of LABO/FLEX/OMNI
  • For Windows PC with USB
  • Connection in device supply line
  • Bypass mode for output signals
Plug connector M12x1 - KB

Plug connector M12x1

  • 4 or 5-pin socket
  • Straight or angled
  • Connection with screw clamps
  • Plastic housing
Connecting cable M12x1 - K

Connecting cable M12x1

  • With 4 or 5-pin cable socket
  • With or without shielding
  • Various lengths
  • PU material
Welded / soldered connection - SL

Welded / soldered connection

  • For calorimetric sensors
  • Different versions
  • Brass or stainless steel material
Cutting/compression fitting - ADQ-012G015A

Cutting/compression fitting

  • For LABO-F012
  • Thread G1/2
  • Different cutting/compression rings
  • Stainless steel material
Compression fitting - ADQ-012M020AP1

Compression fitting

  • For LABO-F012
  • Thread M20x1.5
  • Plastic PA66 material
Weld-on sleeve - ADG-015GS026K

Weld-on sleeve

  • Female thread G 1/2
  • Stainless steel 1.4571 material
Mounting flange - ADM-020F054P2

Mounting flange

  • For fitting ADQ-012M020AP1
  • Female thread M20x1.5
  • POM material
Connection lines - KH-PV

Connection lines

  • For hygienic sensors
  • For HTK temperature sensors
  • For HFK flow sensor
  • For HLK fill level/limit level