Temperature measurement technology – versatile and mobile

Temperature detection is of major importance for a wide variety of industrial processes and a wide variety of different areas of application. Direct, rapid and precise temperature measurement ensures that quality or process criteria for devices, plants or environmental conditions are observed. All temperature measuring devices have a sensor as a basic element which converts the measured temperature into an electrical signal. The following basic versions are available:

  • A thermocouple consisting of two wires made of different materials and welded together. The actual measurement point is the welded point.
  • A resistance thermometer is equipped with a platinum resistor (Pt100 or Pt1000) with a measuring resistance that changes depending on the temperature.
  • Temperature switches which perform measuring functions and provide control or output signals are used to control processes.
  • Temperature transmitters can be installed directly at the measurement point or integrated into a switch cabinet.
  • Handheld measuring devices are suitable for mobile use and are very versatile for the widest variety of handle sensors.


The Center of Competence Greisinger offers a wide assortment for a wide variety of application areas.

  • Industrial temperature sensors
    Thermocouples or Pt resistance sensors are used in two different series: GTL and GTF. Sensors are available in various sizes, materials and process materials. The assortment also includes ATEX-compliant versions.
  • Temperature transmitters and switches
    The temperature transmitters/switches are distinguished by their modular design and maximum adaptability.
  • Handheld measuring devices for temperature detection
    This concentrated, compact and mobile measuring technology is versatile in use and suitable for various application conditions and precision requirements.
  • Handle and immersion sensors
    A wide variety of waterproof probes, insertion sensors, surface sensors and immersion sensors supports mobile measurements.
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„Our wide assortment of temperature measurement technology is distinguished by the highest quality and precision."

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Our portfolio: Countless variation and combination possibilities

Industrial temperature sensors

Industrial temperature sensors

Our temperature sensors offer maximum quality and the best precision. The GTF series provides universal and rapid measurement. The GTL series is characterised by space-saving, compact design and top precision.

Temperature transmitters and switches

Temperature transmitters and switches

The temperature transmitters/switches are distinguished by their modular design. Maximum adaptability is guaranteed as a result. The devices are available in various designs.

Handheld measuring devices

Handheld measuring devices

Handheld measuring devices with a variety of different handle sensors offer mobile temperature measurement capability, e.g. in the food industry, climate control technology and agricultural applications.

Calibration service for GHM and third-party products

DAkkS Services in the accredited segment

Our DAkkS services in the accredited segment for temperature guarantees consistently high quality in calibration due to regular external certification and re-accreditation. In connection with the new accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 in 2018, we are authorised to issue DAkkS calibration certificates for a comprehensive range of sensors, devices and systems.

ISO factory calibration certificates available from the manufacturer

The accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025 of our calibration laboratory also enables provision of traceable calibration certificates for new devices directly from the factory.

ISO works calibration certificates

In addition to the DAkkS calibration certificates, our ISO calibration certificates offer a cost-effective alternative whose traceability is already sufficient for many quality assurance applications.

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The GHM GROUP continues in its consistent efforts to permanently advance measuring and regulation technology with innovative developments and application-specific solutions with high customer value.

Efforts are centred on the development of customer-oriented solutions that are appropriate for the market and tailored to the high demands of industry and producing industry.


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