Components for switch cabinet installation: quality and efficiency in components for connection.

GHM-Rail is designed for use in all industrial fields of application. The compact devices combine low spatial requirements with the best mechanical quality. Temperature limiters, measuring transducers, isolating amplifiers, limit value switches and signal converters build the foundation for safe and standard-compliant signal processing within all processes. With quick and easy installation and signal processing insulated from environmental conditions, the GHM-Rail series enables high accuracy and reproducibility in an optimal price/performance ratio. The product range, which is designed to handle all tasks with a small number of components, reduces customer storage costs drastically in combination with excellent availability and quick order processing.

Save more time and space during installation.

The mounting rail devices are distinguished by a small contact spacing of only 12.5 mm and 22.5 mm wide with a sturdy and space-saving design. Additional special attention in the development of the device series was given to rapid commissioning. Adjusting elements on the front of the device and clear status indicators with multi-colour LEDs or displays and a brief description for configuration on the side of the device reduce installation time and potential sources of error. The modern electronic design reduces the energy requirement of the devices, increases the long-term stability of measurements and simultaneously extends device service life. In addition to the general 24 VDC standard, power supply can be provided optionally via a mounting rail bus with VDC as 24 VDC PowerRail, which enables a space-saving side-by-side cable arrangement in the switch cabinet.

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    "With the clearly arranged and logically structured connection technology, which is also suitable for fully-automatic wiring, the Rail series opens the door for efficient switch cabinet installation."

    Your technical adviser from Martens

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    Consultation, service, quality - we set signals.

    Consultation, service, quality - we set signals.

    DIN rail units are used in switch cabinets for measuring and control technology for installation of electronic modules and cable routeing. The GHM-Rail series provides all important components for signal processing in the switch cabinet. They serve as interfaces between sensors and actuators for standard-compliant and standardised connections in the switch cabinet. Even hot swaps during operation are frequently possible without relevant downtimes. GHM-Rail series specialists conform to standards according to EN 14597 and EN 61508 (SIL 2), wherein proven components are used for switch cabinet installation.

    GHM-Rail products: versatility in mass production.
    In order to cover the functional modules of signal processing, the GHM-Rail series is concentrated on covering a maximum of required functions with fewer devices than normally needed:

    • Temperature limiter and monitors for process monitoring:
      Temperature limiters are designed to monitor temperatures and thus protect personnel, the system and the process material.
    • Measuring transducers for detection of analogue signals:
      Transducers detect electrical signals and transform them into standard signals of automation technology. The signal range comprises input-side and resistance sensors, as well as thermocouples, resistance transmitters or standard signals.
    • Limit value switches for simple process control and for process monitoring in switch cabinets:
      Control signals can evaluate temperatures and derived variables such as voltage, current and resistance.
    • Isolating amplifiers for implementation and isolation of digital switching signals in switch cabinets:
      The signal isolators are used for implementation, stabilization and isolation of signals. Isolators can be used for switching signals and for analogue signals, as well as with and without transmitter supply.

    A whole range of compact solutions.

    GHM GROUP – where quality and variety are the key variables

    GHM Messtechnik GmbH is a leading specialist and full-range supplier for innovative measurement and control technology. With a global focus and passionate employees, the company develops and produces a wide range of more than 2,000 high-quality device types for all essential areas of industrial sensors and electronics.

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    The GHM GROUP continues in its consistent efforts to permanently advance measuring and regulation technology with innovative developments and application-specific solutions with high customer value.

    Efforts are centred on the development of customer-oriented solutions that are appropriate for the market and tailored to the high demands of industry and producing industry.


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