Everything under control with Fludix flow monitors in cooling and lubrication circuits.

Fluid circuits in industrial plants ensure cooling, cleaning and lubrication of relevant assemblies. An interruption of the cooling or lubrication circuit can often lead to a total loss of the overall plant. Monitoring of the flow with flow monitors is therefore one of the most important protective measures to prevent excessive wear.

In the process, the Fludix flow meters combine a wide range of important advantages. It is based on an extremely reliable measuring principle which also enables position-independent installation. Unlike a pure float-type element, which counteracts the fluid stream in a vertically running conical measuring channel solely with its weight, the spring-support float measurement has a spring to ensure the necessary counterforce. There is also viscosity compensation available for use with lubrications. This guarantees consistent switching behaviour even in fluctuating temperatures and viscosities.

The associated signal unit is always located outside of the flow space. Three basic methods are available. A position indicator, a Reed contact and a Hall sensor. The measurement signal is induced magnetically in all three cases. While the position indicator only enables a visual check, the Reed contact detects the float position and switches off above or below this position. As a third method, the position of the piston is detected electronically with the assistance of magnetically sensitive Hall sensors. Adjustment of various switching values is carried out with the system software.


  • Versatile in use
    Installation possible in any position, because the flow does not have to take place exclusively from bottom to top
  • Space-saving installation
    Position-independent, compact installation, because short piston travel also enables small installation lengths
  • Wide range of capabilities
    Simple conversion of the position into an electrical signal
  • Stable operation
    All-metal design of the housing ensures high pressure resistance
  • Durable and efficient
    The Fludix switching devices with Reed contact come without a dedicated voltage supply and minimal wiring requirements
  • Increased plant safety
    Redundant display possibilities (local and SCADA) and direct display with position indicator for local checks
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„Flow monitoring is one of the standard disciplines for industrial plants. Therefore, it was all the more important to us to offer our customers flow meters that they can customize quickly and simply.“

Your technical advisor of Honsberg

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Fludix configuration – as easy as one, two, three

The Fludix system enables simple configuration of a complete, spring-supported float-type measuring device from only three elements: housing, float, signal unit.

The signal unit determines the function of the device. The possibilities here extend from the exclusively optical evaluation of the measuring device without electrical function to display of the measurement with LCD and analogue measurement output.

The float assembly consists of the float equipped with magnet, the spring and assembly and guide elements, if applicable. It determines the measuring or switching range with its dimensioning. Therefore, assemblies are available for various flow ranges and media (with and without viscosity stabilization).

The housing accommodates the float assembly and offers mounting surfaces for integration of signal units. There are various housings available for the standard widths DN8 to DN50. Brass (nickel-plated) and stainless steel are offered as construction materials.

Three simple steps are necessary for configuration: 1. Select signal unit, 2. Specify float, 3. Specify nominal width and housing

Versatility as a measuring principle

Point the way. With the appropriate signal unit.

Point the way. With the appropriate signal unit.

There are three methods available as a signal unit. A position indicator, a Reed contact and a Hall sensor. The measurement signal is induced magnetically in all three cases.

The flow as the soul of the flow measurement.

The flow as the soul of the flow measurement.

The measuring unit consists of a float equipped with magnet, a spring and a guide element. This assembly determines the measuring range with its dimensioning.

Influential: the housing.

Influential: the housing.

The housing accommodates the float and provides the mounting surfaces for the signal units. A wide variety of brass or stainless steel housing shapes are available.

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