In order to ensure smooth running: everything in flow, everything in view

Longer service life, harsher conditions, more efficiency: The requirements on oil-filled transformers increase. With the UBX series, you benefit from a flow monitor that monitors the cooling flow of low-viscosity media in the cooling circuit of the paddle switch reliably. Prevalent standards and quality requirements are fulfilled. All of the components are designed for a guaranteed temperature range of -50 °C to +125 °C. Ideal for use in the cooling circuit of transformers for wind power plants, cooling systems, CHP heating concepts, the electrical industry and in traction transformers for rolling stock.

  • Low-temperature range down to -50 °C
    The devices of the UBX series offer functional reliability for use in harsh climatic conditions with a low-temperature range down to -50 °C.
  • Robust metal housing
    Absolutely tight seal against dust and water – the hermetic isolation of the flow and function parts also ensures that no medium can enter the inner chamber.
  • Flexible selection
    The UBX series can be adapted easily with various process connections. In addition, you have the freedom of choice in the selection of material (brass / stainless steel), the baffle plate (scoops / mono-paddle) and microswitch (gold/silver).
  • Standards: fulfilled
    Flow monitors of the UBX series fulfil prevalent standards and quality requirements.


Your technical advisor of Honsberg
„The new UBX flow monitor is designed with all components so that it simply runs smoothly even under harsh climatic conditions. You can count on it.“

Your technical advisor of Honsberg

Well-advised with the GHM GROUP.


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Measured at the flow: a versatile solution

Whether stationary or mobile, during summer or winter, in the sub-floor or roof structure in rolling stock: The UBX series is distinguished by low pressure loss in a wide range of applications.

Traction transformers in rolling stock:

Traction transformers in rolling stock:

Ideal for use worldwide, even in harsh climatic conditions - and with the robust metal housing, no additional protection against stones is required.

Transformers in wind power plants:

Transformers in wind power plants:

With frequently fluctuating overall load configurations have the consequence of heavy temperature fluctuations which have a negative influence on transformer service life, it is important to keep an eye on the cooling.

Transformers in CHP technology:

Transformers in CHP technology:

With conversion of energy into heat and electricity, adequate cooling is essential – the flow monitors of the UBX series offers impressive, measurable reliability for such applications.

Baffle plate principle

Flow monitors of the UBX series monitor the oil-filled cooling circuit according to the baffle plate principle: The force of the flow meets the baffle plate and/or paddle and moves it against the spring force. The deflection is transferred to the adjustable microswitch, which is hermetically sealed by a metal folding bellows. In case of a fault, a message is used and the overheated transformer switches off as a precaution.

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