Affordable to install, maintain and operate.

The sensor is integrated directly and digitally into the field bus level with the universal Modbus interface. With a single bus cable, all levels can be integrated into the superordinate system. Significantly less cable is used than with conventional conductivity measurement, which drastically reduces installation work. Installation takes place with standard fittings or pipe thread. The Modbus interface enables convenient configuration and calibration of the measuring transducers. Because the scaling and parameterisation are already stored in the CONDIX, any additional adaptation work in the superordinate system is eliminated.

Predictive maintenance for minimal downtimes

CONDIX provides Industry 4.0 functions that are useful for intelligent self-diagnosis, efficient maintenance, reduced downtime and a longer sensor life. With integration of the transforming electronics and the implementation of a digital interface, the sensor provides information about its status, such as the internal sensor voltage and additional device parameters in addition to conductivity and temperature measuring variables. 

  • Compact all-in-one solution, robust technology in a compact design
    The measuring transducer is integrated in the sensor and has a direct connection to the SPS.
  • Less cable, less installation work
    All levels up to the PLC can be connected with only one bus cable
  • Easy to configure, maintain and operate
    The universal Modbus interface enables convenient configuration and calibration of the measuring transducer
  • 4-electrode measuring cell: resistant to polarisation effects
    Since the power supply and measurement are separated, the polarisation effects impairing the measurement accuracy take a back seat.
  • Predictable maintenance for reduced downtimes
    The digital interface, which can be connected directly to a master, supplies not only the process variables (conductivity) but also information about the condition of the sensor.
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"The CONDIX is the consistent advancement of our industrial analytical measuring technology. Integration of the digital interface supports conductivity measurement in the world of Industry 4.0."

Your technical advisor of Martens

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Various application areas

The scope of application of a CONDIX depends on the electrode material and the number of poles of the sensor. 2-pole sensors are suitable for measuring small conductivities, while 4-pole sensors are characterized by their large measuring range up to high conductivities.

The built-in electronics determines the specific conductivity of the medium and outputs it in the unit μS/cm or in S/m. By means of built-in temperature measurement, the conductivity is compensated to the reference temperature of 25°C. Different compensation functions are available for this purpose.

Areas of application include the monitoring of water preparation, reverse osmosis and ion exchanger systems and underground water preparation on ships, gas scrubbers and many other areas.


Diversity as a measuring principle

Easy to configure and use.

Easy to configure and use.

The universal Modbus interface enables convenient configuration and calibration of the measuring transducers. Installation takes place with standard fittings. Parameterisation prior to field installation can be carried out via PC tool at the work station.

Conductivity measurement principle

Conductivity measurement principle

An AC voltage is connected to two electrodes for the measurement, wherein the measured current is a measurement for the specific conductivity. With a 4-pin sensor, the voltage drop occurring in the medium is also evaluated.

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