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Fill level probe - LCC1

Fill level probe

  • Ideal for oil level measurement
  • Installation from the side
  • Form can be adapted
  • Analogue and switching output
Fill level probe - LCC2

Fill level probe

  • Ideal for oil level measurement
  • 1
  • Various lengths available
  • Analogue and switching output
Conductivity converter - UNICON-LF

Conductivity converter

  • For head or field installation
  • Feed via current loop
  • Temperature compensation
  • Measurement/monitoring to USP<645>
Connection lines - KH-PV

Connection lines

  • For hygienic sensors
  • For HTK temperature sensors
  • For HFK flow sensor
  • For HLK fill level/limit level
Programming device - EYY120

Programming device

  • For MLC limit level switch
  • MLC420, MLC422, MLC490, MLC492
  • For MLR/MLT limit level switch
  • MLR420, MLT420