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Press releases

Sebastian Henkel, new Head of Sales of the GHM GROUP

Sebastian Henkel is the new head of sales of the GHM GROUP, a pioneering specialist and complete provider for innovative measuring and control...

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Fire & Flame on the SPS IPC Drives 2017

GHM GROUP has presented their new #safetytemperaturelimiter Safety-TL4896 with fire and flame at the SPS IPC Drives 2017.

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GHM GROUP expands worldwide and presents innovation at SPS IPC Drives

Brazil, France, India, the addition of and the acquisition of Delta OHM Benelux are clear signs of the expansion course of the GHM GROUP: With...

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World's first – safety temperature limiter in a built-in housing „Safety-TL4896“

A safety temperature limiter is used wherever thermal processes must be monitored and the system must be switched to a safe operating state in case of...

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General business information 2018

Our ERP system will be closed from December 22nd until 2nd of January 2018 to migrate to our new ERP. This will mean that we will not be able to ship...

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GHM GROUP acquires measuring technology expert Valco srl.

Erolzheim, August 31st, 2017 – The GHM GROUP has acquired Valco srl., an Italian measuring technology

producer for level, flow and temperature...

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Simulate processes and find measuring errors

Pragmatic, compact and quick: GHM SensorSimulator SIM-1.

A measurement is the determination of a physical variable through comparison with a unit:...

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A sensor monitors the flow in two flow directions

Manufacturers of hydraulic systems with high pressure differences often use two separate sensors to monitor the viscous medium in two flow directions....

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Data loggers in practical application

Thorsten Knauf, Business Development Manager, Delta OHM, has written this article, describing typical applications and solutions with a data logger...

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Strong brands make a common appearance

Sensors are the sensory organs, the eyes and ears of state-of-the-art, intelligent technology. They monitor and control complex processes and entire...

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