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Press releases

Professional performance at best price: Fine Manometer G 1107 and Manometer G 1113

The new handheld fine manometer G 1107 and manometer G 1113 from the GHM GROUP member Greisinger offer great performance at best price: faster, more precise, with high resolution and position independency, they measure differential and relative pressure with high practical suitability. The strong price-performance package is complemented by a universal port technology, the above-average battery life and the robust housing with a practical design

Since even the smallest deviations can lead to malfunctions, reliable measured values are enormously important, not only for sophisticated heater systems. The G 1107 fine manometer and the G 1113 manometer can also be used to measure other leakage, gas pressure, gas flow or chimney draft measurements: The outstanding accuracy, high resolution and fast measuring frequency guarantee efficient results to improve operational safety and practical handling. In other words: reliable measurements for professional use at an unrivalled price.

High-resolution measuring range, compact housing

The heart of the manometer is the chip-based MEMS sensor, which provides reliable results for calibrated and traceable measurements. The manometer G 1107 covers a very high-resolution range of up to +/- 200 hPa / 20 kPa, while its sister device G 1113 provides equally precise differential pressure measurements up to +/- 2000 hPa. In addition, there is the switchable FINE-Function, which enhances the resolution to an exemptional 0.1 Pa (G 1107) or 1 Pa (G 1113).

A further advantage of the high-performance chip-based MEMS sensor is the ability to perform position-independent measurements, e.g. over the head, without any negative influence on the displayed value. To this end, the sophisticated technology of both device versions is housed in a compact and rugged enclosure according to protection class IP67 with a back-lit, 3-line display. The fast processing times are ideal for a smooth, directly traceable and reliable measurement reading.

Universal port technology for interchangeable connections

Not only the speed and high precision of the handheld pressure gauges are exceptional, but also the new G1/8 universal port connection technology. The UT universal tube connection can be used for 6mm and 8mm tubes for a wide range of pressure connections. Alternatively, a QC6 quick-connect or ST6 screw connection for 6mm tubes and an MCM mini quick-connect plug are available. This provides many options, which are particularly useful for service technicians, as they can connect the devices to all common pressure connections and can also adapt them quickly by simply changing them. 

 „"Currently, the devices can even provide valuable support in checking the operational safety of ventilators in Covid-19 intensive care treatment. Since too high pressures can cause lung damage in such cases, it is particularly important to record the peak pressure with the Max -Function".

Versatile applications

The new handheld manometers are ideal for measuring the dynamic pressure in cogeneration heater systems or the differential pressure in exhaust gas filters in heaters or combined heat and power plants. This ensures faultless operation, provides a reliable indication of compliance with regulations and enables rapid troubleshooting. Further areas of application are measuring leakage, gas pressure and gas flow, but also chimney draft by switching to ultra-high resolution. In addition, the handheld devices can also be used for fast troubleshooting of truck diesel particle filters or for preparatory  4 Pa tests or air tightness measurements in buildings (Blower Door Test).

In addition to numerous possible applications, optional accessories are available: a protective bag, a self-adhesive metal belt clip, various tubes and a tube safety clamp for pressures above 1 bar. In order to guarantee the accuracy of the measurement results, an ISO calibration certificate is also available for both versions, which enables measurement traceability.

High performance at an unrivalled low price

All in all, users of the new G 1107 and G 1113 handheld manometers benefit from fast and reliable measurements, which can be carried out conveniently and in a time-saving manner, and, furthermore, thanks to a smooth display independent of any position. Additionally, the extremely high resolution of 0.1 Pa (G 1107) allows efficient testing in a practical and user-friendly housing with a universal port connection technology suitable for day-to-day use.

All in all, users of the new G 1107 and G 1113 handheld manometers benefit from a fast and reliable measurement, which can be carried out, regardless of position, in a comfortable and time-saving manner thanks to a smooth display. Added to this is the extremely high resolution of 0.1 Pa (G 1107), which enables efficient testing in a practical and compact housing suitable for everyday use featuring a universal port connection technology.

Thus, Greisinger delivers absolute professional performance at an excellent pricepoint, which delivers not only at the time of purchase but also in the long term. This includes a service which is available quickly, directly and personally through the GHM GROUP.

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