OMNIPLUS – the multi-talent for the perfect flow

OMNIPLUS: proven technology plus innovation

The state-of-the-art OMNIPLUS transmitter from GHM GROUP adds the intelligent IO-Link interface to our tried-and-tested measurement technology. Protected by a stainless steel housing with a front panel made of scratch-resistant mineral glass, the OMNIPLUS supports digital communication via the standardized IO-Link interface.

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o Integrated IO-Link interface
o Paddle-wheel flow meter
o High quality ceramic axis
o For water other low-viscosity liquids


o Integrated IO-Link interface
o Paddle wheel flow meter
o High quality ceramic axis
o For water or other low-viscosity liquids


o Integrated IO-Link interface
o Turbine flow measurement - low viscosity media
o AISI 316 housing - up to PN 250
o Nominal widths DN 15 to DN 50


o Integrated IO interface integrated
o Gear volumeter
o For oils and viscous media
o Measuring range: 0.02 ... 150 l/min


o Integrated IO-Link interface
o Screw volumeter
o For oils and viscous media
o Measuring ranges: 1.4 ... 1500 l/min


o Integrated IO-Link interface
o Thermal flow sensor
o Three measurement variables in a single device
o For water or other low-viscosity liquids

Flow measurement with OMNIPLUS. Solid technology meets innovation.

The OMNIPLUS transmitter from the GHM GROUP is now available as a powerful combination with a wide range of flow sensors. Supporting the common measuring principles, the OMNIPLUS electronics show themselves to be versatile.

OMNIPLUS-based sensors reliably measure flow,  including rotors, turbines, screws or gears principles.

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Reliable monitoring reduces costs

Particularly in cost-intensive applications such as the lubrication of very large bearings, precise flow measurement of the oils used is required for cost and safety reasons. Screw-type volumeters such as those in the VHS series achieve this using the volumetric measuring principle and work almost independently of viscosity.

Detection of flow velocity in process water

Paddle-wheel sensors from GHM GROUP have been established on the market for decades. The selection of different process connections, materials and measuring ranges, in combination with a modular design, opens up countless application possibilities in the industrial environment. Whether closed cooling circuits in machines, media dosing within a system, water in a sprinkler system or supply of process water: paddle-wheel sensors ensure simple and reliable measurement.

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