Market-Driven, High Quality, Tailored to Your Needs

Innovative Concepts for refined Solutions

The GHM business unit Industry is a prime source for high-quality industrial sensors and industrial electronics. Our tailored product range enables us to provide innovative concepts for refined solutions. With comprehensive know-how, we develop and manufacture market-driven, high-quality industrial sensors and industrial electronics solutions tailored for customer-specific applications for a wide range of industries.

Specialist by Know-how

With over 40 years experience in this field we are able to develop and manufacture specialized devices for a vast array of application areas.  Our Engineers will assist you in finding the best fit for your application and, if needed, will tailor and adapt our products to individual requirements and needs.

Quality conscious

Product quality is significantly influenced by a variety of factors. Our production meets strict standards and norms. We believe that operational and work safety are the essential basic conditions for any quality production.

Benefits in Production Applications

Automatic flow measurement and counterpressure detection when clamping workpieces ensure that our customers subsequently benefit from an increase in productivity, as clamping errors are avoided and thus faster tool changes are possible. Likewise, accurate monitoring of the temperature of coolants and lubricants ensures safe and continuous operation.

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