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Measuring technology as a source of safety.

Availability of clean water is one of the most important basic prerequisites for healthy life in our civilization. With water flows not only the most elementary basic nutrient, but also a raw material of incredible significance for agriculture and industry. Natural sources are by no means sufficient to ensure a safe and adequate supply. Consequently, modern society is increasingly exhausting the possibilities of modern wastewater cleaning and treatment in order to keep running the basic supply of water. In this regard, health is always the top priority. Furthermore the purity for water must also be ensured for industry. With mobile and stationary analysis devices, at GHM GROUP we monitor water quality directly from the source as well as in tanks and pipes. Referring to this reliable analysis results and automatic documentation of these results give you precisely the security that you can expect from the most important nutrient and industrial raw material. Those who supply people and industry with water must have cleanly clarified its quality beforehand.

Always on the safe side in drinking water treatment.

Always on the safe side in drinking water treatment.

In drinking water treatment various cleaning and process stages have to be complied. With our GPHU 014 we provide a smooth and safe measurement of pH value of water in water treatment plants.

  • Practical product features for a quick integration into existing systems.
  • Fast commissionning and determination of measured values by the siple use of the device.
  • We offer a reliable and precise measurement of pH value in your drinking water.   


Safely set sail with seawater treatment.

Safely set sail with seawater treatment.

Modern cruise ships require large quantities of drinking water and service water that is purified by reverse osmosis. We provide specifically adapted analysis measuring technology for this and other established procedures for the water purification process. 

  • Practical system solutions that can be integrated in existing pipeline systems.
  • Easy integration of new measuring points with easily replaceable elements.
  • Sensors with extensive maintenance and fault-diagnostic functions, such glass-breakage detection with the UNICON-pH.
  • Customer-oriented operation is developed jointly with the customer.  


Water analysis – cause safety matters.

Water analysis – cause safety matters.

With handheld measuring devices and stationary analysis apparatus we ensure safe data right from the source. 
Measuring devices with data logger function for fast measurement and data acquisition for logging.

  • All major parameters, such as pH, conductivity, temperature and dissolved oxygen or turbidity can be measured.
  • Robust handheld measuring devices offer long battery life and easy operation.