Direct routes to higher efficiency.

Make way for greater reliability.

In the modern transport sector everything revolves around the efficient conveyance of passengers and goods. Whether road, rail or waterways – we ensure smooth operation with the right measurement and control technology. En route is always the worst place for a technical defect. When your vehicles are on the move, highly-specialized sensors reliably and precisely measure all relevant parameters. Such monitoring ensures that the negative influence of strong vibration and harsh temperatures, as well as aggressive substances or the ravages of time on the environment are kept to a minimum.

With a mixture tried and tested technology and inert materials in a robust design, we measure, control and regulate the coolant and lubricant levels of all important aggregates and signal any deviations, so that failures or downtimes do not even occur. When the task at hand is transport of passengers and goods, the highest virtues of safety, reliability, and on-time arrival/ delivery must not at any time fall by the wayside. 

On-board quality.

With state-of-the art measuring technology for monitoring coolant of the transformers of railway vehicles, you set a course for reliable, continuous operation of your transformers. 

  • Reliable avoidance of operation shutdown due to lack of coolant at the transformer thanks to our proven paddle technology with integrated boot.
  • Paddle devices from DN25 to DN200 for the entire application bandwidth.
  • Minimal pressure loss and inert materials, such as gold-coated micro-switches.

Successfully take the tide.

Large-dimensioned drive shafts for ship propellers require reliable monitoring of oil quantities to ensure minimum quantity lubrication and absolute avoidance of downtimes.

  • Flow monitors, such as the HD2K, have a viscosity-stable flow mechanism that practically compensates for fluctuating oil viscosities of up to 330 mm²/s, relative to switching point change and pressure loss.
  • A visual indication enables constant visual monitoring in the engine room. High-pressure designs up to 500 bar are available.

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