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Higher efficiency – automatically.

Virtually no other industry imposes such high demands on competitiveness as does the machine building industry. As the technological spearhead of the capital goods industry, it demands the highest degree of customization for many components. Due to the small size of our company and the resulting speed and flexibility in customization we are capable of responding quickly on machine building industry requirements. With our tailored solutions and longstanding expertise we contribute greatly in increasing productivity of machines and equipment. Our offering includes individual consultancy, tailormade sensors or adaptors and controllers that are adapted to your needs. Our customers benefit from partnering with GHM GROUP by gaining productivity e.g. in faster tool change, automated measuring when clamping workpieces, or automatic monitoring of coolant and lubricants – we hone measurably higher efficiency in running operation for you. We consider successful partnership as a question of technology and speed.

Clamping technology ensures higher precision.

Clamping technology ensures higher precision.

Dynamic flow measurement supports the automated process of clamping in modern CNC machines. And it avoids technical clamping errors through precise detection of back-pressure in the hydraulic system.

  • Less downtime and less maintenance effort through use of an additional sensor.
  • Precise workpiece clamping at changeover.
  • Higher efficiency and less scrap through avoidance of incorrect machining.   


Allow more safety to flow in.

Allow more safety to flow in.

Customized sensors monitor and control cooling and lubrication of your equipment and reduce downtimes.

  • Continuous operation through flow control in the cooling area.
  • Constant and reliable monitoring of the temperature of coolants and lubricants for more safety in operation.
  • Less maintenance time and downtime thanks to precise flow measurement of lubricants and coolants.