Safety outside of the box.

Food products are not produced by gut feeling. They are produced based on hard facts and requirements. Uncompromising cleanliness and hygiene are the basic prerequisites for avoidance of microbiological contamination in the industrial manufacturing and processing of foodstuffs and beverages. Moreover, tight-meshed or continuous inspection ensures the uniform high-quality of your products and guarantees a consistent taste experience for the consumer. In addition, through seamless monitoring of the overall process you provide substantiation of the high hygienic standards of your production, and with documentation of the measured data, you also place the likelihood of faulty batches on file.

After all, quality assurance plays an essential role as part of the overall process. Consequently, the measuring instruments used must satisfy the most rigorous requirements, relative to hygiene and many other factors. As GHM GROUP, with our approved metrological solutions we offer precisely the right recipes for clean and safe foodstuff production. And thus offer maximum safety, entirely in line with the taste of strict governmental inspectors.


Modified atmosphere packaging: Keep your promises.

Modified atmosphere packaging: Keep your promises.

Many factors are crucial for changeover to protective gas packaging. Quality control is an important point. In this area we have developed a tailored solution with the ResOx residual oxygen measuring device.

  • Packaging can be inspected virtually in the running process by a measurement duration of just 15 seconds.
  • On-site calibration permits daily function checks of the device; this means that time-intensive inspections in the manufacturer's facilities are dispensed with.
  • Data memory and software for documentation and processing of the measured value saves cost-intensive log handling.
  • The specifications of the IFS and the permissible residual oxygen values can be more easily monitored and complied with.


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