At full force for the energy of the future.

The sustainable energy generation, in particular via wind turbines and solar power plants, is one of the most important tasks for the future and it poses major challenges for research, development, industry and operators. Right from the start, we as GHM GROUP have accompanied the development of renewables monitoring plants and ensuring their safe operation. Precise, fast and yet certainly robust, our systems work with the utmost reliability, even under the harshest conditions. Even in situations where standard electronics show weaknesses. All necessary components, such as analog and digital technology, signal-conditioning, and real-time calculation are integrated in our systems. Thus they can also be used autonomously in "stand-alone systems". 

One partner for a wide variety of requirements. 

For operators of wind farms, keeping downtimes to a minimum is a top priority. Operating times should also be utilised as efficiently as possible. In this regard we support plant operators in many different ways. 

Monitoring wind turbines – following the wind.

Monitoring wind turbines – following the wind.

Wind turbines are used under harsh environmental conditions, and thus they are exposed to high mechanical loads. These loads must be continuously measured, in order to avoid damage right from the installation and commissioning. This is key to an optimal use of wind energy. Our measuring technology takes on the most varied tasks.

  • Fast and precise state monitoring and early detection of damage.
  • Vibration monitoring on the blades of wind turbines.
  • Recording of vibration and transmission of the recorded data to a control computer via Ethernet/ WLAN.   



Monitoring of solar power plants – always keeping the sun in view.

Monitoring of solar power plants – always keeping the sun in view.

Photovoltaics are increasingly gaining significance for power generation. The utmost precision is required to to get maximum yield from sun energy. Our metrological solutions satisfy the most rigorous requirements in many aspects:

  • Economic state monitoring of solar power plants.
  • Monitoring of line-to-line current and voltage.
  • Analog and digital inputs for additional measured variables.
  • Central communication module for relaying the captured data to a control station.
  • Modular, compact structure that can be quickly and easily extended to meet increasing requirements.
  • We develop customer-specific solutions tailored to the specific application. However, we also refurbish and redesign existing systems. 


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