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Lots of space for climate and the environment.

In the construction of buildings the integration of modern measuring technology requires ever more space. The sealed building shells, thermally insulated facades and efficient heating systems and recovery systems present number of new challenges for planners, architects and owners. Atmospheric conditions play an absolutely crucial role in protecting building structure and the interior, particularly in sensitive and highly-frequented spaces, such as libraries or museums, or in historical buildings. Whether this involves measuring and regulating the room climate, monitoring moisture and dew point, or alarm functions – we offer you a broad range of specific solutions from a single source. What these solutions all have in common is a high degree of adaptability, scalability of the application, as well as the capability of complex networking. Our sensors enhance early and preventative maintenance and guide you and assist you during planning and design phase.

Museums and libraries: Climate that makes a significant difference.

Museums and libraries: Climate that makes a significant difference.

High temperatures and humidity favour decomposition processes in paper and other materials. Establish and continuously adjust the ideal conditions for preserving priceless exhibits.

  • Precise adaptation to the measuring task in museums, churches, libraries, hospitals, warehouses, cold-storage rooms and production halls.
  • Battery-operated systems with WiFi connection for wireless installation.
  • Cable-bound systems for environments that are particularly sensitive to interference with power supplied via the Bus-line for minimal installation costs.   


Hotel and catering. A good operating climate.

Hotel and catering. A good operating climate.

GHM GROUP's measuring technology ensures that the climate and environmental conditions in industry and the consumer area remain constant and that deviations are signalled. In this regard, mobile devices measure and log even remote areas of buildings. 

  • Characteristic comfort values or heat load PPD, WBGT, PPV in accordance with ISO 7730 are captured quickly and efficiently.
  • Evaluation of indoorair quality in accordance with ASHRAE 62.1-2004, as well as microclimate tests in accordance with ISO 7726, ISO 7730, ISO 7243, ISO 7933, ISO 11079, ISO 8996.
  • Measurement of noise exposure and vibration load in accordance with 2003-10-CE, 2002-44-CE and ISO 9612.  


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