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Harvest more success with modern measuring technology.

There is virtually no other industry segment that is so significantly dependent on natural influences as agricultural and forestry. For example, these influences include climate conditions for the breeding and production of agricultural products, as well as the conditions for transport and storage of these products. In the final analysis renewable raw materials are fundamentally perishable and after harvest are subject to considerable risk, for example through mould infestation. GHM GROUP's modern measuring technology helps you to monitor all relevant parameters and enables you to make the right decisions in a good time. These parameters include not only measurements of the specific factors for tillage, but also measurements of the temperature and moisture of your stored yields, which are of particular economic significance for prevention of damage due to thermal reactions with moisture. Not least, with the monitoring of technical systems, such as hydraulic systems or also lubricant and coolant monitoring of your agricultural machines, with sensors specially designed for the machine type, GHM GROUP provides you with precisely the measuring technology with which you harvest your success. As it has been in the past, the modern agricultural and forestry industry is one of the most important growth industries worldwide.

Straw and hay: Bundled safety.

Straw and hay: Bundled safety.

Moisture and temperature play a crucial role in the storage and processing of straw and hay. To avoid spoilage and ignition, our measuring technology monitors the silo process and protects your stored crops.

  • Hay thermometer GMH 285-BNC with hardened cutting point for easy penetration into the hay.
  • Alarming in the event of possible overheating "fire danger" with the supplemental GAM 3000 module.
  • Thanks to fast tripping times, even measuring at multiple measuring points takes little time.
  • Logging for verification of the check is possible with our integrated data logger.   


Hydraulics, cooling, lubricating: The plough in the field of vision.

Hydraulics, cooling, lubricating: The plough in the field of vision.

Hydraulics, cooling and lubrication are indispensable for modern agricultural machines. With sensor systems from GHM GROUP you never lose sight of all relevant parameters.

  • Cost-reduction through bi-directional sensors that replace a hydraulic rectifier circuit.
  • Individual adaptation to manufacturers' requirements are possible.
  • Viscosity-stabilized and vibration-proof sensors for direct fastening on the plough housing.  


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