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With the foundation of the subsidiary GHM India, GHM GROUP have done first and important steps to gain more influences in the middle east market of measuring technology. Our new office in India was formed in December 2017 and is located in Mumbai. It is being led by Mr. Mahendra Sule who have a lot of experience in the regional markets as well as of a longterm technological know-how. The team of GHM India has a high competence of technical advise in catering to various industries like power, oil & gas, steel & metal, food, beverage & pharmaceutical, environment etc. The prime objective of GHM India is to provide the Indian customers high quality products of GHM GROUP which has their manufacturing facilities at various locations in Germany and Italy. GHM India is dedicated to provide the best service support to the customers in the Indian subcontinent. The combination of reliable, quality products developed by European engineering and the local knowledge of customer requirements will lead to a successful increase of the market share of GHM products.

"GHM GROUP is a great place to work with excellent support from the entire team on the products and its applications. I am committed to provide our customers in the Indian subcontinent with the products and services of highest quality and reliability. It’s an honor to be a part of GHM GROUP. "

Mahendra Sule
Managing Director GHM Messtechnik India PVT Ltd., Mumbai

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