Inline with a conscious future

Our vision

GHM GROUP is committed to adhering to ESG guidelines and providing its customers worldwide with pioneering products and services to optimize their processes, modernize them technologically, and promote sustainability. We are proud to be a leading provider of customized solutions for industrial operations and pioneering environmental technology, especially in the advancement of environmental measurement technology.

The Management

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Christian Unterberger joined the GHM-GROUP in May 2022.
Christian Unterberger has more than 20 years of experience in various functional areas in sales, marketing, research & development as well as production and logistics. He held several management positions in technology companies such as Siemens, ADVA Optical Networking and Canon.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Jürgen Schneider joined the GHM-Group in March 2022.
Jürgen has altogether more than 20 years of experience in operational and strategic positions in the financial and operations management sectors within multinational technology, as well as PE owned mid-cap companies , among them several years in European and Asian countries abroad



Our Brands and Locations


Under the Honsberg brand the group develops and manufactures high quality industrial sensors and industrial electronics for a wide range of applications. Futhermore, due to the high diversity of requirements the own research and engineering team develops tailored solutions for our customer-specific applications, ensuring greater quality and longevity.


Under the Martens Brand the group develops and manufactures at its Barsbüttel (near Hamburg) location robust and reliable devices for measurement and control technology utilized in sophisticated process and industrial applications finding customers in the field of measurement and control technology, automation, process technology and mechanical engineering.

Under the brand the group develops and manufactures at its Sant'Ilario Milanese location process instrumentation leveraging its longtime competence in float level switches. The brand is successfully serving the Italian and made its name due to high quality product and customizing products specifically to customer specifications.


Under the Greisinger brand the group develops and manufactures a wide range of portable instruments, sensors, and probes at our Regenstauf location, build on the long-standing know-how of experienced specialists. The Greisinger brand stands for high-quality, durable portable instruments, based on sophisticated measurement technology.

Delta OHM

Under the Delta OHM brand the group develops and manufactures a wide range of solutions for the environmental monitoring segment. At our location in Padova, we offer a top-quality product portfolio which includes sensors, data loggers and transmitters for measuring and monitoring physical quantities.

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