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Stationary, mobile, and automobile measuring systems

As a manufacturer of metrological components for industrial applications Imtron has become a well-known provider on the market. We manufacture systems for the processing and acquisition of physical parameters. Regardless of whether these are metrological parameters, such as pressure, temperature and distance, or angles, current or torque – with precision and reliability our components and system solutions have made their way to the top echelons of German and international technology enterprises. Not least, implementation by customers, such as ABB, Astrium, Daimler, or the ESA, the Schaeffler Group and the VW Group confirms the outstanding quality and reliability of our solutions. Our hard- and software provide important data and facts concerning all measured parameters, in stationary test stands of the automotive industry as well as in mobile applications for test runs and test flights. Furthermore we allocate with seamless monitoring for solar power plants and wind farms important data for power management. Finally Imtron is committed with all its energy to metrological excellence on site at our customer's facilities. 

"Precision and high sampling rates have already become the normal day-to-day routine in the field of test stand engineering. Consequently, we also add optimal adaptation to the customer application."    


Harald Feuerer
Site Director Imtron |  Member of the Managing Board

Core Competencies

Field of Competence

  • fast and high-precise isolating amplifiers
  • long-term experience in data acquisition
  • modular systems technology for individual adaption to the application
  • innovative networking technology for the integration in smart factory concepts
  • precise, low-noise and universal signal conditioning for a wide variety of sensors
  • analogue and digital signal filtering for interference suppression
  • galvanic isolation for avoidance of measurement problems
  • quick digital data acquisition
  • development of customer-specific solutions

 Isolating Amplifiers "TSA-Modules"

  • high-precision isolating amplifiers for suppression of interference and prevention of ground loop
  • pre-configured modules enable fast commissioning with less programming work
  • galvanic isolation of power and signal electronics for protection of downstream electronics such as control units and AD converter cards
  • high signal bandwidths of up to 30 kHz and power output up to 200 mA available
  • modules are suited extremely well for technical measurement applications by very low ripple of < 2 mVpp and a precision of 0,1%
  • retrofitting in any applications by plug-in filters
  • processing of standard signals
  • a module with a power output of up to 200 mA is also available
  • simple assembly on a carrier rail and easy wiring with plug-in connector

Measuring Transducers "TSA-Modules"

  • high-precision measuring transducers with integrated signal conditioning of a variety of different sensors such as DMS, potentiometers, Pt100. thermocouples, ICP and voltage and current signals

Fast and universal measurement data acquisition

  • flexible and modular measuring amplifiers with maximum accuracy of 0,03%
  • input-side potential isolation of each measuring channel
  • low storage costs and quicker commissioning thanks to universal compatibility
  • multi-channel capability generates smaller installation sizes
  • available in both 19” technology and in a decentralized, compact design
  • channels can be configured for more than 12 different sensors
  • simple data acquisition by connections to standard software LabVIEW and DASYLab
  • output to Ethernet and CAN-Bus 

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