Our values. Our guiding principles.

Our binding guidelines for legally compliant and ethically responsible conduct in our company are defined in our "Code of Conduct." This outlines the standard for our conduct towards employees, business partners, the public and the environment. With the Code of Conduct for the GHM GROUP, we commit ourselves, among other things, to enforce human rights, labor law and environmental protection in all our business activities and to comply with internationally recognized standards, for example, on data protection and fair competition. We have introduced our Code of Conduct for all employees, regardless of which GHM GROUP location they work at. In addition, the Code of Conduct demonstrates to our partners that we always behave fairly, seriously and with integrity.

The GHM GROUP Code of Conduct

The GHM GROUP Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct comprises 5 basic principles, structured as follows

  • Our values

  • Responsibility towards people and the environment

  • Compliance with laws and guidelines

  • Responsibility in dealing with business partners and third parties

  • Responsibility in dealing with information