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Environmental dedication

Delta OHM mission is to help companies and professionals measuring environmental parameters reliably, quickly and accurately, ensuring more efficient use of renewable energies and environmental protection in living, working and outdoor areas.

Specialist by Science

Since 1978, Delta OHM has been driven by our passion for applying science and expertise to develop reliable measuring instruments that improve accuracy and testing, ultimately creating a better world.


Delta OHM stands for scientific excellence, offering highly precise instruments and top-quality sensors that are ideal for measuring environmental parameters. Our equipment is designed to deliver precise, accurate results while requiring minimal maintenance year after year.



In almost all areas of life, from industrial to agricultural, from commercial to transport, our activities are directly or indirectly influenced by weather and climate conditions. Meteorology therefore has a significant influence on every human activity in modern life. This is one of the drives for Delta OHM to invest in developing a wide range of meteorological devices and systems.

Renewable Energy

One of the most promising renewable energy is solar energy. The enormous market growth in photovoltaics during the 21st century has revived the research and expansion in the solar industry, including the maintenance of existing plants. The utmost precision is required to get maximum yield from sun energy. Monitoring and maintenance are a key for ensuring the productivity of the photovoltaic system. The right pyranometer has to be chosen depending on the size of the plants.

Industry and Process Control

Temperature, humidity, air velocity and pressure are some of the most important parameters to be measured, monitored and checked in industrial processes. Accurate measurements are essential as well in Clean Rooms or to control and improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Smart Cities

More and more often when talking about smart cities, we include all those IoT devices such as sensors and data loggers for data collection and analysis. Such devices can make everyday activities easier and more efficient, easing problems related to public safety, traffic as well as the environment. As an example, for the latter, the particulate matter transmitter is increasingly used to monitor pollutants within cities.

Environmental Noise

Measuring environmental noise levels, capturing and analyzing sound events is used in locations like road traffic, railway traffic airports, wind turbines, construction sites, industrial plants, and city noise mapping.

Calibration & Certification

The in-house ISO 17025 Calibration Center in Padova ensures that the instruments used for daily measurement activities provide safe and accurate results.

Our laboratories are regularly audited by ACCREDIA, the National Accreditation Body designated by the Italian government, which ensures that the highest standards are maintained.

Pressure Lab

ISO 17025 calibration calibration is performed by comparing the customer’s instrument with our reference standards


ISO 17025 calibration of temperature measuring instruments


ISO 17025 calibration of relative humidity, dew point and air temperature


Our lab was the first in Italy to be accredited for photo-radiometric quantities and still the only one for some of these

Air Speed

Unique in Italy with two closed-cycle Göttinger-type wind tunnels for air speeds of up to 60 m/s


Decades of experience, high quality measuring equipment, high level of expertise

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