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Measuring technology that leads to the best financial results.

We offer our customers uncompromising excellence in measuring technology. That also applies to the price. GHM GROUP also offers state-of-the art techniques to develop technologically advanced products at attractive terms. This includes agile management and special productivity and business models that enable the highest degree of alertness and adaptability. With streamlined hierarchies, autonomously working production cells and the combined expertise of the six Centers of Competence, we have the resources at our disposal to handle projects of any magnitude. Therefore, it is possible for us to react quickly to market trends, develop product solutions and bring them to the market in outstanding quality and in large quantities. However, this flexibility is also due to a personnel policy which is based on a foundation of partnership, mutual respect and the motivated commitment of all of our employees and is a permanent part of our company culture. We invest these collective values into the organic grown of our corporate group and expand with cautious, strategic purchases on an economically stable level. After all, our capital is continuity, absolute reliability and the sound expertise of a motivated and highly-qualified team. With this foundation and the experience gathered over a combined 235 years, we will continue to head in the right direction.

Strategically well-advised: the industrial advisory board.

The advisory board is an important discussion forum in which we address topics of strategic importance for GHM GROUP in an exchange with experienced professionals. As a cooperative supervisory authority, the supervisory board offers us a glimpse of the company from the outside and is an important soundboard to evaluate our own ideas and concepts. With its valuable expertise on company management, financing, law and taxes, the advisory board also reveals new business opportunities and new approaches. The industrial advisory board's contact network is a continuous source of leads for GHM GROUP for potential clients and customers.

Hans-Joachim Kamp

Hans-Joachim Kamp

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH

Hans-Joachim Kamp supports GHM GROUP in his role as a supervisory board member. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board advises GHM GROUP in all important corporate decisions and makes a valuable contribution to dynamic company development with his extraordinary expertise.
"The strengths of six renowned family-operated companies are combined under one roof in GHM GROUP. The benefits range from a broadly diversified product assortment for all important fields in measuring technology from a single source to a high level of expertise with flexible developer pools, and quick, flexible and custom implementation of product solutions according to customer requirements. GHM GROUP's performance promise with uncompromising customer focus is the company's mission in its pursuit of international markets in addition to the domestic markets."

Jens Höhne

Jens Höhne

Owner of Senior Board Consulting

With more than 25 years of professional experience in management and positions of responsibility at various globally established technology companies, Jens Höhne has a solid foundation of experience and knowledge for strategic and operative decisions for the development of GHM GROUP.
"With the fundamental idea of the "Buy & Build" strategy, GHM GROUP pursues the goal of developing benefits and values for smaller technology companies that have been previously limited to their domestic markets. GHM GROUP guides these technology companies in related sectors to the international markets in the key industrial countries. At the same time, complementary products for defined target customers are consolidated between the locations within the group to provide application-specific solution packages."

An important element of our goal-oriented work is a close cooperation with our industrial advisory board. They help us to optimize our strategic decisions and measure the results in dialogue with experienced industry leaders. By working closely with our investors, we can implement major investment decisions in an uncomplicated and extremely fast manner. This benefits not only the GHM GROUP but also our customers.

One plus two is greater than three: the partners of GHM GROUP.

Since the founding of GHM GROUP, our company has been supported by renowned investors. With their continuous commitment, we have become a top-class provider of measuring technology products and solutions with access to lucrative growth markets. This is due to GHM GROUP's positioning of itself within markets oriented towards both the present and the future. We provide our customers with the right answers for products and solutions and guide them on a safe course through megatrends and the continuously changing purchasing processes of industrial corporations.


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