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The future is here!

The globalization of the 21st century poses incredible challenges for commercial enterprises throughout the world. However, this development also offers promising opportunities. In the last few decades, it has been precisely the global trends that have developed into innovation drivers. GHM GROUP is a player in this dynamic market development. As a medium-sized enterprise we specialize in implementing these trends in marketable products and solutions faster than many others. 

Speed by flexibility
As in literally all segments of industry in the measurement and control sector, the highest level of quality and outstanding service are required. In this regards the innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter – implementation of new requirements must occur at an ever faster pace. Our management has met this challenge with a consistent and dedicated strategy.  

GHM GROUP's solution: The flexible R&D pool! 
At our six center of competence more than 40 experienced specialists bring their know-how from the respective areas of expertise into multidisciplinary teams that quickly and flexibly develop precisely those products or adaptations that meet the requirements of our customers.

Our business model puts the customer and its requirements first by utilizing the accumulated know-how of our renowned companies under the common brand umbrella GHM GROUP. This enables us to commit to an ambitious and comprehensive joint promise: An uncompromising customer orientation.

Business Units

Business Units

Often medium-sized companies focus on local markets and trends. However, we also must adapt to globalization and keep up with these megatrends. Local competences must be bundled to meet the requirements of markets throughout the entire world. It is fair enough to say that we follow the slogan: Think global, develop local and manufacture fast. 

Strategic planning and alignment is key to successful management. Basically GHM GROUP is now structured in three strategic business units. Further subdivisions serve more than just clarity: They will also accelerate the broad-based know-how of our employees. For the business unit "Industry" the product areas sensors and electronics are differentiated. In "Environmental Technology" products are allocated to the areas of metrology and mobile measuring devices. Furthermore we offer products for the business units "Signal-Conditioning and Data Acquisition" as well as "Calibration and Services", which include customer-specific adaptations.

Our group at a glance

Mega trends

Through global population growth the demand for food and medical care will continue to grow. In addition, rapid urbanization will further increase. Thus mobility as well as the interplay of the forms of mobility will change.

In an industrialized world as well as in emerging economies, the trend towards a higher quality of life and hence rising mobility continues. The associated increasing pollutant emissions, the growing sensitization of people for environmental topics and the massive environmental problems in the emerging economies and developing countries allow new environmental protection technologies to occur. 

With innovative technologies, such as environmental metrology for weather stations, state-of-the-art measuring technology for wind, temperature, moisture, noise emissions and gas levels (CO, CO2), we are preparing ourselves for the tasks of the future and providing the basic data for environmental legislation and its compliance. In this area there is a considerable potential for the further growth of GHM GROUP and the challenge of keeping pace with the growth.

Through the Internet of Things and the use of big data the networking and use of sensors will further increase. To master all this, state-of-the art technology for signal-conditioning, data acquisition as well as data conversion, will be required.

With the approach of interlinking technical knowledge from our Centers of Competence and hence developing marketable solutions in the shortest time possible, we are ideally positioned to serve these growth markets with first-class products and technologies.

Future requirements to connect IT components to mechanical and electronic components via a data infrastructure impose high demands on the technology. In this process the networking of embedded systems via communication networks in particular requires a "cyber-physical system" of the utmost complexity.

This trend which is referred to with the buzz words "Industry 4.0" or "Smart Factory", basically involves the industrial processing and networking of large quantities of data and its effective use. We are well prepared to face the challenges in combining and routing analog sensing data into digital signals and further data processing down the line. 

Innovation by method

Not only in our globalized economy, but also in the area of technology, more and more tasks extend beyond the conventional limits. We face this challenge with a cross-border multifunctional enterprise structure. Under the umbrella of GHM GROUP the Centers of Competence are connected and each covers with its own special expertise a broad spectrum of market-specific solutions for all major application areas.

With GHM GROUP our customers benefit from over 200 years of bundled company experiences. At various Centers of Competence our engineers are ready to quickly and flexibly develop solutions that meet the specific requirements of our customers and are in-line with market demand.

An advantage of our group that is second to none.

Benefit from experience and create something new

The group – GHM Messtechnik GmbH – was founded in 2009. However, the history of the traditional brands that are bundled under the umbrella goes back much further. Even today in its formation as GHM GROUP we are still obligated to the shared philosophy of our founders: Absolute customer orientation, speed and first-class product quality!

Your direct contact to us

You can reach us by phone Mo-Th from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and Fr from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.


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