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We signal convenient data acquisition.

Measured data is only of value to the extent that it can be further processed. Consequently, in the "Smart Factory", one of many challenges is to make measurement results available to a broad application without media disruption. This starts with simple process values for manufacturing and extends to the sensitive data for quality assurance and quality monitoring. The task of pure data acquisition and storage is virtually non-existent today. As a manufacturer of modern measuring systems, what counts for us is provision of relevant data that extends beyond the pure measurement result to the core tasks on the way to Industry 4.0. The forwarding and processing of information in a cloud is gaining increasing significance. Regardless of whether buildings, factory halls, storage facilities, freezing plants or clean rooms should be monitored, or whether the data should be stored and evaluated in the process itself – our specialists in the datalogger area are always available to you to implement appropriate options. For this, we offer measuring technology with up to 40.000 measurements a second on a wide variety of channels. Our modular, or ready-made systems are suitable for stationary as well as mobile use. The fast changing of sensors necessary in the daily testing routine is supported with our technology through universal measuring transducers with integrated signal-conditioning. Thus protracted and cost-intensive tasks on the test stands are dispensed with.

A strong signal for system-overarching measurement data acquisition.

A strong signal for system-overarching measurement data acquisition.

Time is money. Consequently, signal transducers and signal receivers must speak the same language. Where data must first be translated into other formats in protracted processes, a lot of time is lost along the way. With our signal-conditioning and data acquisition our experts eliminate obstructions between data capture and further processing, thus we not only provide uniform standards, we also establish optimum conditions for an efficient and straight-line link for automation of complex processes.