Your specialists for level, flow and temperature sensors has a proven track record of more than 30 years of experience in the process instrumentation field. With their development of the very first line of float level switches, the company grew rapidly in the Italian measuring technology market. Today, located in Milano, Italy, is specialized in the design, production and marketing of liquid level, flow, pressure and temperature instrumentation. plays an important role on the Italian and European market and the company’s mission is to design process instrumentation to satisfy customer requirements. The capability to react faster than other manufacturers to build cost-effective customized solutions and tailored products is key to the success of Reliability and outstanding customer support paired with second to none speed in terms of providing proto types is highly appreciated across many industries that are served by Under the roof of GHM GROUP the new Center of Competence for flow at expands the range of industrial sensors of the Center of Competence Honsberg who are the experts within GHM GROUP for flow and level sensors. On the other hand it extends expertise of temperature sensors and electronics, which harmonizes ideally with the temperature Center of Competence Greisinger and the industrial electronics Center of Competence Martens.

"The market strategy of is based on a common commitment to customer-oriented solutions and passionate collaboration that has been established for decades. With our strengths, we will continue to develop our comprehensive product portfolio for the benefit of GHM GROUP customers."

Alessandro Perego  |  Site Director

Core Competencies

Capability and experience

  • cost effective products complying all international standards
  • design, development and production from a single source
  • reliable, precise, robust devices able to work in the most demanding conditions
  • approved construction for explosion-proof ATEX Exd - Exi a, EAC and for naval use RINA
  • over 35 years of market und development experience


  • float, conductive, capacitive, optical control and measurement technology
  • single- and multiple units up to 6 independent contacts, level meters with current or voltage output
  • customized executions, tailored to the customer
  • control of water, oils, gas oils, gasolines, solvents, milk, beverages, solids, powders and granules
  • constructions made of brass, stainless steel, plastic (Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF)
  • a wide range of products for vertical or horizontal mounting


  • piston or paddle control technology with magnetic contact of the electrical contact
  • electric contact easily and quickly replaceable
  • wide range of calibrations and dimensions
  • design for vertical or horizontal operation
  • constructions in brass, stainless steel, plastic (Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF)
  • use on liquids or gases


  • control and measurement technology with piston, membrane, bourdon tube, piezoresistive
  • microswitch pressure switches and pressure transmitters with current or voltage output
  • relative, absolute and differential pressure as well as vacuum 
  • measuring ranges up to 1000 bar
  • electronics with or without display


  • bimetallic and liquid expansion thermostats
  • sensors with Pt100/ Pt1000/ NTC/ PTC element
  • transmitters with 4-20 mA output
  • electronics with or without display


  • quality systems are SGS UNI EN ISO 9001 certified
  • CE product certification
  • CESI certificate for ATEX Exd explosion-proof and intrinsically safe ATEX Exi-a equipment

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