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You produce more quality. And we produce fewer costs.

Even the most up-to-date technology of today is a dull tool in the competition of tomorrow. In the production process, modern industry imposes ever-higher requirements on all participating systems and components. To survive, modern plants must not only produce for maximum efficiency, but they must also be interconnected with other links in the value creation chain beyond the production site, in order to continuously improve their efficiency. Since the optimization potential through digitalisation now appears to be exhausted for the most part, focus is increasingly placed on the future project Industry 4.0. Through the intelligent networking of digitalized know-how with automated manufacturing the path from demand to finished product is successfully bridged and decisively shortened. We will meet these requirements with our modern product platforms, which are produced in our plant through the use of modern development methods and manufacturing processes. These should not only work in a manner that conserves resources, they should also better integrate customer requirements in the value creation chain. To achieve this objective, in the future, more and more process values from the widest variety of production processes must be brought together without loss of the information that is relevant for the operator on site. We prepare your production for this task with high-performance measuring technology and in close collaboration with you and your customers we develop high-quality, efficient devices and systems.

GHM-Rail Series

Accurate measurement – exactly signaling and reliable monitoring

This new compact GHM GROUP GHM-Rail GHM-Rail series offers the GS125L/M limit switches, two TS125/225 isolating switches as well as the TB225 safety temperature limiter with the universal transmitter MU125, UT125 transmitter as well as the three TV125L/M and ST125M isolating amplifiers Through a - in practice - complete device program of the higher accuracy class and allows their cost-effective application in all industrial application fields. The GHM GROUP is thus expanding its innovative industrial product range, which ranges from the new sensors for the food industry, through the new GHM-Rail gantry rails presented here, to universal multi-function control devices.

"An essential basis for a trouble-free process flow is our new generation of GHM-Rail series. They are consistently future-proof and as efficient as possible. The entire concept is aimed at precisely meeting customer and market requirements."

Sebastian Schäfer, Product Manager

Industrial electronics as a powerful field for process optimization.

Industrial electronics as a powerful field for process optimization.

Machines are not only becoming ever faster and more reliable, above all they are also becoming smarter. However, although the optimization possibilities for speed and precision appear to be increasingly exhausted, the technical intelligence of a production facility still offers a lot of upward potential. With the networking of equipment with knowledge from different relevant areas, today many machines are already making important and correct decisions, wholly without meetings and discussions. Naturally, this has nothing to do with a diffuse loss of control, rather this involves the fact that through networking we can program a process for success.