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Measuring technology that makes your enterprise mobile.

Every measurement is an intervention in an occurrence. But not every occurrence can be brought to the measurement site. So that you can analyze all events where they occur, our experts develop custom-tailored mobile measuring applications. The latest generation of handheld measuring devices combines the advantages of mobile use with the reliability and precision of a stationary process measuring device. With simple handheld devices extending to multi-functional systems with dataloggers and interface to computer-assisted data acquisition and logging, we provide you with everything necessary for quantifying the relevant parameters. Characteristics, such as long service life, thanks to low power consumption, or simple handling, as well as the particular robustness or high level of connectivity, are some of the advantages of our instruments. Not least is the fact that through such advantages the implementation spectrum of our solutions is highly diversified. Our instruments are at home in the areas of process, analysis and environmental measuring technology, as well as in their natural measurement environment in workshops and buildings, for example climate evaluation or measuring the effect of vibration on people in the area of occupational health and safety. Consequently, in all areas we also place the highest value on compliance with relevant standards. Moreover, our environmental measuring devices can also be used to increase or verify the efficiency of solar power and wind power plants. Not least, agricultural implementation shows just how extensive the field of our handheld measuring devices has grown.

On-site measurements in hand.

On-site measurements in hand.

In stationary operation, measurement devices can effectively adapt to the environment. However, compressing the entire technology to a minimum, in order to take measurements on-site with maximum mobility and precision with the same reliability, is a major challenge. Our team of scientists, technicians and engineers has developed a substantial outside strength for the accomplishment of this task. With compact solutions in robust design we transport innovative measuring technology directly to the site of occurrence, so that reliable on-site measuring becomes a home game for you and your company.