Quality without compromise is in our nature.

The quality of life is significantly influenced by our environment. One of the central tasks of environmental measurement technology is to record and quantify the variables that influence it. The parameters go far beyond the usual variables such as temperature, pressure and humidity. After all, in the area of occupational safety alone, we are dealing with complex measured variables such as light influences, which have a major impact on our well-being. We measure environmental factors with a comprehensive product range. As a rule, our solutions meet strict standards and norms . In addition, we are intensively involved in the monitoring of wind power and solar plants. Safety aspects are already taken into account in the planning phase in order to make a crucial contribution to the economic operation of such plants.

In addition, the precise measurement of wind speeds plays an important role, for example, for tall working machines (such as cranes) or bridges. As an accredited company for the calibration of numerous measured variables, our systems provide reliable data for particularly sensitive areas such as the recording of environmental emissions, measurements of food quality, the continuous monitoring of refrigeration or heating cabinets, the measurement of the inflow velocity of laboratory fume hoods or the differential pressure monitoring of operating rooms.The fields of meteorology, geology and hydrology are just as much a part of our areas of expertise as weather forecasting or increasing yields in agriculture. Ultimately, our performance is measured by your success.

"As a specialist in environmental measurements, we are as proficient in measurement procedures as we are in mandatory limitations and legal regulations. Our precision measurement technology proves its performance every day in perhaps the most demanding and sensitive setting in the world: the environment."

Alessandro Perego
Vice President Environmental Measurement