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Uncompromising quality is part of our nature.

Quality of life is crucially influenced by our environment. To capture and quantify its influence variables is one of the key tasks of environmental measuring technology. In this regard the parameters extend far beyond the prevalent variables, such as temperature, pressure and moisture. In the area of occupational health and safety alone, complex measured variables, such as light influences exert a significant influence on our well-being. We analyze environmental influences with a broad program of the most varied measuring systems imaginable. Our solutions are in compliance with strict standards. Moreover, we are intensively involved with the monitoring of wind power and solar power plants. We deal appropriately with the safety aspects and make a vital contribution towards the economical operation of such a plant. On top of that, the precise recording of wind speeds also plays a major role in the area of large building machines (e.g. cranes) or bridges.

As an accredited manufacturer for the calibration of numerous measured values, our solutions deliver resilient data material for highly-sensitive areas, such as the recording of environmental emissions, measuring food quality, continuous monitoring of refrigerators and heat cabinets, measuring the inflow speed of fume cupboards or measuring the differential pressure of operating rooms. In this regard our fields of competence include the areas of meteorology, geology and hydrology, as well as weather forecasting or improving yield in agriculture. Ultimately our performances should be measured on your success.


Unlimited possibilities


The HD35 wireless system is the most powerful and most flexible wireless datalogger system in the market that gives you countless application possibilities and offers individual benefits:

  • no or minimal installation costs
  • customized data management (local, FTP transfer, cloud ...)
  • Future-proof through an open and expandable system
  • Data security through 3-fold storage of the data (in the datalogger, in the access point and in the database)
  • integrated measurements for building management, environment and industry
  • long battery life, no power required
  • Data is in user's hands - MySQL database, simultaneously open interface
  • FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliant software (optional)
  • various hardware interfaces for various applications (USB, Ethernet, WLAN, RS485, GSM)
  • Versions for indoor and outdoor installation (IP67), can be combined as desired
  • used radio frequency 868 MHz offers high range, less susceptible to interference
  • individual settings for measurement and logging interval
Move in the greenspace with conformant measurements.

Move in the greenspace with conformant measurements.

People react with sensitivity to changes in their environment. Consequently, our measuring systems must also react to changes with the same sensitivity. In addition to precise measurement data acquisition, perhaps the greatest challenges are reproducibility and comparability of the results. As specialists for environmental measurements we offer mastery of the measuring methods, as well as the prescribed limits and statutory regulations. For each, ever-so precisely captured and evaluated measured variable, there is one thing in particular that must never be forgotten: At GHM GROUP man remains the measure of all things.