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Adjusting measuring devices for precision.

Making measuring precision the standard.

The quality of products and goods depends on faultless acquisition of measured values. Consequently, sensors play an essential role in modern manufacturing. Tow prerequisites have to be considered by every measurement: First, it must be absolutely accurate, and second it must be precisely reproducible. To achieve both of these prerequisites, you need trained personnel and regular calibration of the measuring tools. The GHM GROUP-Academy provides training for precise measuring. In continuing education events your employees learn from well-instructed personnel everything involved in measuring, controlling, regulating. However, since every measurement can only be as accurate as the device with which the measurement was taken, we also take care of the calibration of your instruments.

In our state-of-the-art, accredited calibration laboratories we test the correctness of temperature, relative humidity, dew point, pressure, air speed, sound pressure, and we test for a wide range of measured variables in the UV/visible/IR area and precisely readjust the devices. Naturally we also offer a repair service and support you with your applications on site. Testing through an officially accredited laboratory not only provides you with the most accurate measurement results, it also offers hard-hitting arguments for the correctness and quality of the determinations you have made. After all the excellent reputation of GHM GROUP was not earned by estimation. It has been earned through the utmost precision. 


Accredited laboratories.


Acoustics and sound

Wind and air speed

As an accredited manufacturer the highest level of measuring precision is the norm for us.

For a measurement result to be really meaningful, it needs a comparison with reality. In many areas a blind test is by no means adequate. As an accredited manufacturer our calibrated measuring instruments satisfy the most rigorous requirements imposed on accuracy and reliability. Through the use of our certified devices you document not only your own high requirements imposed on the precision of a measurement, you are also measuring a basis of assurance. With accreditation you satisfy both demands: The laws of physics and the case law of government agencies. 


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Accredited calibration

We can officially confirm the accuracy of your instruments.

Repair service

We are not only a manufacturer, but also a restorer of metrological precision.

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